Special Events

Special Events

We would love to be a part of your next corporate party, wedding, or special event!


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From seminars, trade shows, and corporate training events to sporting events, holiday parties, weddings, anniversaries and back stage at concerts or music festivals, incorporating on-site massage therapy into your special events is always guaranteed to please.
No matter what type of special event you're hosting, you'll want make a good impression, and more importantly, you want your guests to remember the amazing experiences they had while attending. By providing on-site massage therapy for your special event, you're sending a powerful message that you care about how your guests feel and you're ensuring that they leave feeling less stressed, clear-headed, and begging for more. Providing massage therapy at your special event will have your friends and clients talking about you, your product, or service for a long time afterwards. It will likely be an experience they'll remember forever, and who could ask for more?
Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks can accommodate all types of schedules, budgets, and therapist staffing needs. Depending on what your location and schedule dictate, our licensed massage therapists will provide your corporate or special event with chair massages or table massages. It's time to step up your game and make your event one for the history books. Let us work our magic and we know you'll be pleased with the results!



Corporate Events

Adding massage therapy to your corporate or business event will not only share the benefits of massage with those whom may not otherwise experience the feeling of wellness and stress relief, but it delivers a strong message as well. Including massage therapy in your corporate event is a powerfully-subconscious statement that shows your clients and employees that you care about their comfort and well-being.
It's of the utmost important in the ever-growing job market to stay competitive and to attract the best of the best by offering specialized perks. Having a Back In Balance massage therapist at your event shows your employees that you care about their health and stress management. People who feel appreciated at their place of employment always go the extra mile and tend to remain with the company longer. Additionally, healthy employees take less sick days and opperate in a hightened state of functionality and productivity.
Stand out above the rest and let Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks help you make your mark!



Sporting Events

Sports and massage basically go hand-in-hand. Massage helps to warm and loosen athletes' muscles up prior to sporting events and reduces recovery time when administered shortly after. This type of preventative maintenance helps keep the body performing in top physical condition for those "in-between" events as well.
Table massage therapy would be ideal for any team's sporting events, as you're able to more adequately stretch and relax the muscles in the lying down position, however a chair massage would also be an amazingly helpful option to go with. Help your team go above and beyond by hiring a licensed massage therapist for your sporting events today!
Are you planning an amazing tailgate pre-party for the next big sporting event? Step up your game! Forget the stress, release the tension, and relax the entire time as a Back In Balance massage therapist spends the day on the sidelines taking care of your whole crew! You'll be the envy of every other pre-gamer on the field and you'll have the time of your life!



Weddings Celebrations

We all know how stressful the hustle and bustle of having a wedding can be. The moments leading up to your big day can often turn into an extremely stressful experience for everyone involved. Make the choice to stress less with a personal Back In Balance massage therapist at your wedding, or reception! We also do bachelor/bachelorette parties!
We can accommodate all celebration sizes. Whether you just want a private therapist for the bride and groom, or would prefer that your whole party gets to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, we can handle the task and make your special day one to remember.
Mobile chair massage is an excellent way to offer your wedding party guests a fun, unique option to take the edge off, and may prevent your uncle (you know the one we're talking about) from hitting the open bar a bit too early. Prevent complete melt-downs, arguments, and reduce wedding party stress by including Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks on your special day.



Private Parties

Are you the kind of person who loves hosting parties and is always trying to find a way to out-do your last one? Having a special birthday party for a very special person, having a Super-Bowl party, or hosting a wine night with the girls? Don't stress! We've got your back!
A Back In Balance massage therapist can make any party better, and with the right preparation, we're available any time of the day! Bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, holiday get-togethers, high-school reunions, anniversary celebrations, and so much more! Including either table and chair massage is an easy way to impress your guests, reduce their stress, and eliminate the headaches that may follow... at least for a little while.
Nothing beats the gifts of relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief, and depending on the night you've got planned, you may want to have us on standby. Bring out a Back In Balance massage therapist to your next private party and watch how many people look forward to seeing what else you've got in store for them!



Concerts & Music Festivals

Do you enjoy partying like a rock-star, but are tired of waking up feeling worn out and achy? Sick of feeling too sore to keep dancing or to see your favorite act? Want to relax and recharge after a long day of partying in the sun? Let Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks take it from here.
When you're involved in the concert or festival industry, you come across everything from the heaviest styles of rock music, to hauling the heaviest types of sound equipment. By the end of the day, everyone is tired and sore from all the work they've been doing. Show your crew you care about their happiness, comfort, and well-being by having Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks perform a chair or table massages at your next large scale event!
We can set up for single day concerts, back stage at events, and we're even available for long-term festivals like Burning Man. Be the hero of your camp or production team by having a Back In Balance massage therapist there by your side to take care of your crew.


If you have further questions about pricing or booking on-site massage therapy for your corporate or special event, please feel free to CONTACT US. If you don't see your type of special event listed, don't worry! We're always happy to help you find the perfect service options and treatment packages to meet your special event needs.