Therapeutic Enhancements

Therapeutic Enhancements WELCOME

We offer two different therapeutic additions to enhance your massage therapy experience.


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Aroma Therapy Treatment


Aroma therapy can reduce stress, promotes healthy circulation, and can even aid in tissue recovery. Essential oils offer benefits to the body that may do everything from helping the body feel rejuvenated, to returning the body to full homeostasis in some cases. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerfully-linked senses and plays heavily one's mood. Just as a smell from your childhood can trigger a sense of happiness, certain essential oils have been proven to manipulate one's mood.
The smell of lavender for stress, or citrus smells help you to feel uplifted when you might otherwise feel sad or down in the dumps. Other essential oils such as wintergreen, blue tansy, and eucalyptus can aid in pain relief as they add a warming/cooling effect.
The cost for a Back In Balance Signature Aroma Therapy Treatment is $10.


Deep Heat Treatments


Deep heat therapy combines a customizes with your full body massage and makes use of warming and cooling thermal products typically used in 3 key specific areas: the neck, back, and hips. This service also comes with an optional heat pack therapy similar to hot stone massage which is typically recommended for people who may be suffering from chronic pain, but who may be unable to deal with the power or pressure of a deep tissue massage. At Back in Balance Massage & Bodyworks, we offer two different options of deep heat therapy for you to choose from.
The cost for a Back In Balance Deep Heat Treatment is $15.

You may choose from either the Hot Pack Enhancement or the Thermal Specific Enhancement option.

Please Note:
You may choose to combine both deep heat treatments for the price of $25.
If you have any further questions about our Therapeutic Enhancements, pricing packages, or any other services we offer, please feel free to CONTACT US. We're always happy to help you find the perfect treatment to meet your needs.