Come Celebrate With Us at Reno Earth Day 2017!


          The hugest mystery in life seems to be that, here we all are, living improbably on a planet swarming with nature, enveloped by everything seen and unseen. What did we do to deserve this?  Every one of us knows that on some level, we should be thankful for this unbelievable opportunity to have so much beauty and wildlife to enjoy, as well as clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink.


          Yet people persist to exist without gratitude.  Humans are influenced by the news, that so many people still actively hate others – sometimes the reason is simply because they were born in a certain country or into a differing religion which others may know nothing about. Wastefulness, greed, and dishonesty thrive as some people continue to procure more and more wealth at the cost and suffering of those around them. 


          The "seven deadly sins” (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony) are still very much present in society today, and we can all be guilty of most of them to some extent just about every day of our lives.  Maybe they are all natural animal attributes that unsurprisingly arise in us without consciously willing it one way or the other. These sins manifesting on the planetary level make human life harder than it needs to be.  Look at the concept of ownership – nothing really belongs to anyone, and all sense of property is nothing more than a temporary philosophical falsehood.  You are only allowed to borrow a piece of land, or a piece of fruit’s nutrition for a relatively short period of time. 


          We often forget that one of the pronounced goals of being human and conscious is to pass this planet on in better shape than we had it to the following generation.  We need to fight against a tragic shortsightedness that seems to have generated a global reversal – the planet’s complexion and inner resources having been diminished rather than augmented in the last 30 or so years. Perhaps our greatest gift as humans is to fully come to know and understand what a gift human life truly is, and all too often, our minds become clouded by the blatant hatred, inequity, and small petty tribulations which cause stress and distraction from pure happiness. 


          A fantastic way to revitalized the body and mind and to center ourselves on a regular basis is to engage in restorative massage therapy sessions. Every time we are massaged, we are able to return to homeostasis - a place where we can reinstate the natural gratitude for that gift of life. When sad, stressed clients in mental and physical pain lay down on our tables, the love and touch of another is transferred into them, and for a moment, we're whole again. High quality therapeutic touch reminds your body and soul that you are alive and that life is a pretty wonderful thing after all.  We may all have trouble reconciling the selfish and generous sides of ourselves. You are certainly not alone. Bring back your sense of wonder and compassion for being a living, conscious being on this earth.  Live your life with integrity and in service of others, always.


          Here at Back in Balance Massage & Bodyworks, honoring our planet and each other is of the utmost importance, and that's why we've chosen to sponsor a massage therapy booth at this year's Reno Earth Day Celebration at Idlewild Park. Earth Day is the one day each year that we use to bring awareness to the many issues of body, mind, spirit, and nature that currently plague our beautiful planet. Healing rhythms of drum circles, handmade art, and local bands are always a favorite thing to go enjoy, as well as a number of wonderful local food and merchant vendors. Reno Earth Day is such a wonderful event every year and it is an opportunity to educate yourself on the transportation of the future with the RTC electric buses, classes on how to grow organic, sustainable food, and so much more. Earth Day is also an awesome event to feel and find balance in one's life, and that's where we come in!


          Our days and weeks can sometimes seem overrun with stress, anger, and a lack of self care and at Reno Earth Day, you can find that balance and stress relief that you may be searching for. This year, Back in Balance Massage & Bodyworks will be hosting our booth inside the "California Building" at Idlewild Park. Here you'll have the choice this year of either chair massage or table massage. Some people find that most of their pain issues reside in their upper back and neck - a section of the body which could be causing overall tired muscles and headaches. For these issues, one might choose the chair massage as it is usually an area best treated while sitting up. If you experience pain or possibly sciatica, table massage would be far more beneficial, as a flattened position achieved while laying down allows more possibility to get into the hips and flexors which cause sciatica symptoms. Either sitting or standing for your massage will allow you to find a balance you may otherwise be missing.


          It is so heartwarming to see how everyone comes together in celebration on Earth Day as it allows others to become inspired to care for the planet the same way Back in Balance Massage & Bodyworks takes care of the local members of our community. We strive to make a difference not only in improving the quality of life for others through touch, but also by doing what it takes to be an eco-friendly member of this wonderful community. Caring for our community and the environment isn't just something that we just do on Earth Day... it is one of our core values, both in business and in life.


            We can't wait for the event and can't wait to see you there. Please come join us with your friends and family on April 23rd, 2017. Together we can all make a difference and leave something worth living on for our future generations. We can't wait to have you join us in celebration!

Written by Rachel Weidemann

April 6th, 2017


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