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April 12, 2017
Rachel Weidemann

A Deeper Look at Sciatica

When sciatica symptoms are present it can be excruciatingly painful, or just an annoyance more than anything, so everyone can suffer in different ways. Sciatica effects about 30% of people and about 5% of those folks can be affected on both sides of the body. With such a large amount of people being afflicted with this condition, chances are good that either you or someone you know is suffering from Sciatica-related pain at this very moment. Read More

April 6, 2017
Rachel Weidemann

Come Celebrate With Us at Reno Earth Day 2017!

Here at Back in Balance Massage & Bodyworks, honoring our planet and each other is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we’ve chosen to sponsor a massage therapy booth at this year’s Reno Earth Day Celebration at Idlewild Park! This year, we’ll be hosting our booth inside the “California Building” at Idlewild Park. You’ll have the choice this year of either chair massage or table massage. Read More

December 24, 2016
Rachel Weidemann

Best Massage Therapy in the Reno Area 2016!

Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks has been recognized as one of the best places for massage therapy in the Reno/Sparks area! Read More

September 15, 2016
Rachel Weidemann

The Importance of Regular Massage Therapy

All too often, our patients say, “I only book a massage therapy session when I’m in pain.” While massage therapy does feel amazing and does help relieve temporary pain, this type of sporadic appointment booking is less than strategic and fails to get to the root of the problem. If you are experiencing regular pain, soreness, or stiffness of the body, then it’s going to take more than one massage therapy treatment to get you functioning properly and feeling good again.
In a way, our bodies are like the complex machinery found in a high end sports car. In this regard, we can understand pain as our body’s Check Engine light coming on. How long would you continue driving a car with the Check Engine light on before you took it to a mechanic and got some work done? Would you let it fall apart or would you care for it and keep up on regular maintenance to keep it operating at it’s highest potential? Read More

August 17, 2016
Rachel Weidemann

Relieve Sciatica Pain with Massage Therapy

Sciatica is a medical condition which results in sharp pains that start in the buttock region, runs down the sides, front, and back of the leg, and in some cases, heads all the way to the feet. Typically this only effects one side of the body, however it may run down both sides in some people. Those with Sciatic may experience lower back pain which could range in feeling from a dull ache to stabbing severe pains.
This condition plagues nearly 30% of the population and does not discriminate on whom it effects. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of the body measuring roughly about the width of your thumb. Technically, the sciatic nerve is actually 3 nerves in one and measures as long as it is wide. This is due to the fact that its branches run down the leg and all the way into the foot. Read More