Massage Therapy Encourages Relaxation

The body can produce an unhealthy buildup of hormones when we're stuck in traffic or we're rushing to meet a business-related deadline. Pent-up levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to sleeplessness, headaches and complicated digestive problems. Enter Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks!
Massage therapy has been shown to decrease elevated cortisol levels in the body. This allows the body to enter a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode; an effect that lingers long after you massage therapy session has ended. In fact, massage therapy triggers a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in long-lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress, improved mood, and an greater overall state of well-being.
Improves mental outlook
Allows for better handling of pressure
Reinforces positive attitude
Promotes relaxed states of mental alertness
Enhances calm and creative thinking
Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks offers a variety of relaxing massage therapy styles and techniques to help kick start your relaxation journey. If you enjoy relaxing massage therapy, you'll find that frequent visits to Back In Balance Massage & Bodyworks can be a powerful tool in your wellness utility box. In addition to encouraging relaxation, ongoing massage therapy can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental performance. Our professional massage therapists customize every massage session to address your individual needs and desires.
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